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What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process where fine particles are applied by an electrostatic spray. The powder is attracted to the object by a grounded negative (cathodic) charge. The coated items are then baked to cure the powder and can be used on any part that can be baked at 325ºF to 425ºF degrees.  Powder coats are made with resins such as Polyester, Epoxy, Polyester Polyurethane and Epoxy Polyester (referred to as hybrids), each having unique properties and characteristics.


Powder Coating process takes the following steps to complete, and our plant is equipped with the top of the line technology to fulfill the customer requirements.  Our orders take from one to three days for the most of our standard orders, and for customized requests, it may take even more.

1) Loading On Conveyor

  • Our 780 foot conveyor line is where we begin the powder coating process.  During this process, parts are visually checked for damage and rust.  Any findings are then reported to the appropriate supervisors.

2) Pretreatment (All Metals)

Pretreatment is a vital step in the preparation of metal prior to powder coating. Our high pressure washes include:

  • One stage of multi-purpose iron phosphate at 120ºF - 180ºF for three minutes.
  • Two stages of dionized water for 1½ minutes each stage
  • One stage of fresh dionized misting rinse
  • This ensures a thoroughly clean and phosphate coated surface that provides excellent corrosion resistance and powder paint adhesion on all types of metal products.  Our multi-purpose iron phosphate applies the following coat weights:
    • Steel : 50 - 60 mg/ft²
    • Aluminum : 5 - 15 mg/ft²
    • Galvanized : 15 - 50 mg/ft²

3) Dryoff and Powder Application

  • After the parts leave the dionized rinse, they enter a 40 foot dry-off tunnel oven.  This extracts all the excess moisture from the parts.  Then they move on to the powder booth.  At this stage, the parts will be applied with the color powder requested by the customer.  With high volume products, we are equipped to save powder keeping the price competitive.

4) Batch System

  • Larger parts are generally powder coated by batch system.

5) Cure Cycle

  • Our Powder Coating's suppliers provide us with predetermined temperature and timing schedules to ensure proper curing in our gas fired oven. Our 180 foot oven is professionally designed to cure the products and prevent any chipping of the powder coated products.

6) Cooling Down, Quality Control and Packaging

  • After the parts are cured, a sufficient amount of time is required for them to cool down. After cooling, the finished products will be checked by our quality control department for mil thickness, cure quality, visual color and glossiness of the finish. When the products pass our quality control inspection, the final step is water proof packaging and delivering them to our customers

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